Cape Horn rounding
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Europa approaching the roaring 40's

<x-flowed>Noon position (01 Nov):  34d 24.6' S,  112d 1.8' W
Barometer 1016.2, air 16.0 C, water 16.6 C
151.5 miles today/6.3 knots
475 miles since Rapa Nui
2237 miles to Cape Horn

Encountered the first albatross of the trip yesterday afternoon 
(sighted by yours truly at 6:45 pm).  Lekeke and Lauren treated us to 
a Halloween party last night, complete with pumpkin and ghost 
streamers, and candy they had hidden since San Diego.
Noon position (02 Nov): 36d 4.4' S, 112d 14.2' W
Barometer 1010.1, air 15.9 C, water 15.8 C
102 miles today/4.25 knots
577 miles since Rapa Nui
2169 miles to Cape Horn

A fine, sunny day, the first we've had since leaving Easter Island. 
Blew out the main skysail sheet early in the afternoon.
Noon position (03 Nov):  37d 45.2' S,  109d 57.2' W
Barometer 1014.5, air 13.1 C, water 12.4 C
156 miles today/6.5 knots
733 miles since Rapa Nui
2020 miles to Cape Horn

Blowing like stink, about a force 6.  Front came through on the 04-08 
watch.  We're close-hauled on the starboard tack, pointed more or 
less directly at Cape Horn, with heavy spray, and frequent green 
water over the leeward rails.  "Sailor strainer" nets and extra 
lifelines have been rigged.  Took in the royals and upper staysails; 
we've exceeded 8 knots through the water several times today. 
Today's noon position is the best day's run since Easter Island.
Noon position (04 Nov): 38d 37.1' S, 107d 34.7' W
Barometer 1021.8, air 12.6 C, water 13.2 C
109 miles today/4.5 knots
841 miles since Rapa Nui
1906 miles to Cape Horn

Sunny day, steady force 4 wind with occasional squalls.  At dusk last 
night we had 15-20 albatrosses following us, the most I've ever seen 
in one place--just magnificent!  Squares set to the royals, along 
with our largest jib.
I'm sailing with radio journalist and author Todd Jarrell, who is a 
crew member on Europa.  If you'd like to see his perspective on tall 
ship sailing, see

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