Cape Horn rounding
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Europa update

<x-flowed>Noon position (05 Nov): 40d 10.1' S, 105d 40.8' W
Barometer 1022.6, air 11.7 C, water 12.5 C
138 miles today/5.8 knots
979 miles since Rapa Nui
1778 miles to Cape Horn

The last 24 hours have seen fair but cold weather, force 3-4, 
punctuated by frequent squalls where we stand by the pinrail in case 
a sudden sail reduction is needed.  Royals have been handed and set, 
the large outer jib has gone up and down many times, and we're 
getting lots of practice finding lines.  It's a tiring but steady 
routine.  We've been close-hauled on the starboard tack for several 
days now, getting in as much southing as possible so that we don't 
run into Chile.  The storm petrels and cape pigeons are using the air 
currents around the ship as their own moving playground, soaring all 
around us.


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