Cape Horn rounding
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Europa update

<x-flowed>Noon position (06 Nov): 41d44.5 S, 104d 11.3 W
Barometer 1021.2, air 13.2 C, water 11.6 C
120 miles today/5 knots
1099 miles since Rapa Nui
1663 miles to Cape Horn

A relaxed day, light breeze, easy sailing.  Although it was overcast, 
was still warm enough that we ate lunch out on deck.  Struck the main 
skysail yard, and made other preparations for heavy weather (the fore 
skysail mast and yard had been struck after the mast failed enroute 
from San Diego).  Depression moving in from the west; we expect 
northwesterly winds soon.

Celestial nav on this trip is proving to be a frustrating exercise. 
Only once have we had decent observation conditions at morning or 
evening twilight.  By staying alert and watching for cloud breaks, 
it's usually been possible to grab at least one sunline each day, and 
sometimes even a noon latitude if you're lucky.


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