Cape Horn rounding
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Europa update

<x-flowed>Noon position (08 Nov): 46d 21.5 S, 103d22.6 W
Barometer 1016.7, air 10 C, water 9.1 C
152 miles today/6.3 knots
1382 miles since Rapa Nui
1458 miles to Cape Horn

Noon position (09 Nov): 48d 17.8 S, 102d 03.4 W
Barometer 1013.1, air 8.5 C, water 8.3 C
131 miles today/5.5 knots
1514 miles since Rapa Nui
1346 miles to Cape Horn

Good celestial fix Thursday night on multiple stars plus the moon. 
Thursday and Friday nights brought beautiful clear skies.  Each time 
a two-person team relieved the watch at the bow lookout or the wheel, 
we had an impromptu star party--especially helpful for those of us 
new to southern hemisphere stars.

Friday was sunny but cold.  The wind shifted to broad on the 
starboard beam, and we braced our yards nearly square to take 
advantage of westerly breezes.  I spent 45 minutes on the jibboom 
unbending the flying jib for repair--what a spectacular view looking 
back at the ship!  We were able to shoot stars both Friday morning 
and evening.

Steering is more difficult on this point of sail:  Europa has a 
tendency to wallow, and if we get our headsails hidden behind our 
squaresails then sail balance is lost.  The constant sharp heel when 
we we close-hauled has been replaced by an irregular 20 degree roll, 
sometimes farther.

6 meter seas and force 5 wind Friday morning moderated in the 
afternoon, and continued to ease through the night.  Best speed 
observed on Friday was 8.8 knots.  Saturday morning brought overcast 
and little wind, but by mid-day we were over 7 knots again.


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