Cape Horn rounding
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less than 1000 miles to Cape Horn

<x-flowed>Noon position (12 Nov): 53d 19.3 S, 092d 24.7 W
Noon barometer 984.1, air 6.5 C, water 6.4 C
170 miles today/7.1 knots
1992.5 miles since Rapa Nui
891 miles to Cape Horn

Today's noon position is the best daily run of the trip, with 
occasional bursts over 9 knots SOG (9.2 knots was the best speed 
observed today).  Winds have generally increased, running force 4-5, 
to force 6 in the squalls.  Squalls are more intense and more 
frequent.  Voyage crew/"guests" are no longer permitted on the helm 
during squalls, a great disappointment to many of us but done for 
ship safety reasons.  Twice this afternoon we had snow flurries. 
Barometer dropped 12 points from midnight to noon, and we are bracing 
for heavier winds.  We have taken in royals and upper staysails, and 
struck the flying jib and mizzen topmast staysail.  Sky conditions 
today permitted sun-moon celestial fixes.


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