Cape Horn rounding
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excitement in the 50's

<x-flowed>Noon position (13 Nov): 54d 14 S, 088d 21.5 W
Barometer 981.1, air 3.1 C, water 5.8 C
147 miles today/6.5 knots
2149.5 miles since Rapa Nui
731 miles to Cape Horn

I am completely astounded by the speed and magnitude of the weather 
changes we are seeing down here.  A low pressure system passing to 
the south of us is making things rather interesting for us. 
Wednesday we had, as captain Klaas put it, "3 seasons in one day". 
In the morning we saw cold weather and high winds which made us 
reduce sail to upper/lower topsails, spanker, one jib, and one 
staysail per mast.  By lunchtime the wind had moderated to a force 3 
with sunshine and calm sea, and we reset both courses and 
topgallants.  A southeasterly wind had us temporarily giving up 
ground, making good a course of about 080 true.

On the 14-20 watch the wind increased again to a force 6-7, and 
courses, topgallants, jib, and spanker were taken in.  By nightfall 
we were running closehauled, at about 6 knots, under 7 sails 
(upper/lower topsails and 3 staysails).  We're seeing a lot of wind, 
spray, and breaking waves (6-7 meters with a few larger), with main 
deck continually awash.  All weather deck watertight doors have been 
dogged down, lookouts are standing watch on the poop deck instead of 
the bow, and we have all the excitement on the helm that we could ask 
Thursday morning:  winds and seas have eased, most sails are flying 
again, and the watertight doors are open.


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