Cape Horn rounding
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Europa below 55 south

<x-flowed>Noon position (15 Nov): 55d 07.8 S, 080d 28.0 W
Barometer 978.7, air 5.6 C, water 6.3 C
134 miles today/5.6 knots
2422 miles since Rapa Nui
454 miles to Cape Horn

19 days out of Easter Island and we're closing in on the target, 
sailing in moderate winds and seas punctuated by frequent rain 
squalls.  Klaas predicts we'll round the Horn at 0000 UTC on 19 
November (30 minutes before sunset), which is Monday evening for the 
USA.  Another low pressure system is approaching and should pass us 
to the south, potentially giving us a speed boost.  With luck we'll 
be able to see Cape Horn as we round.


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