Cape Horn rounding
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slower progress

<x-flowed>Noon position (16 Nov): 55d 45.6 S, 076d 52.7 W
Barometer 983.8, air 3.8 C, water 5.9 C
127 miles today/5.5 knots (clocks advanced 1 hour; 23 hour day)
2549 miles since Rapa Nui
326 miles to Cape Horn

This was another wild day in the high latitudes.  Friday night the 
wind left us almost completely for a few hours.  Not even the 
albatrosses were flying.  By dusk we were moving again.

Saturday we had sleet before breakfast, snow before lunch, and a 
bright, sunny, fairly warm afternoon.  Ship conducted a fire drill 
this afternoon, and the library has been taken over by sail repair. 
A pod of pilot whales visited us in the late morning.

With the fair weather comes only light wind.  We wore ship twice in 
response to shifting wind direction, and made only 12 miles from 4 pm 
to 8 pm.  Snow squalls plagued the 20-24 watch.  The midwatch tonight 
began beautifully clear, with temperature below freezing, but now 
squalls are moving in again.

The betting now is that we will round on late Tuesday or early 
Wednesday.  We're all watching the progress closely to see who wins 
the pool for predicting the date and time of rounding; we made our 
entries last week.


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