Cape Horn rounding
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200 miles and counting

<x-flowed>Noon position (17 Nov): 55d 53.5 S, 073d 32.5 W
Barometer 985.1, air 4.3 C, water 5.6 C
115 miles today/4.8 knots
2664 miles since Rapa Nui
210 miles to Cape Horn

As of this writing we're down to 199 miles.  Europa is now about 80 
miles off the coast of Chile.  We're sitting in the middle of 4 low 
pressure systems, so we're grateful for what wind we have (which is 
giving us 6 knots SOG at the moment, with all squaresails set). 
Latest estimate is to round just before dusk tomorrow.

When we're awoken for our watches, the question always is "what's the 
weather like?"  Today the answer has been "clear, rainy, cold, sunny, 
warm, hail, sleet, breezy, calm".

The albatrosses have been very bold today.  One in particular is 
regularly swooping within 30 feet of the fantail.  I'm struck also by 
the change in the water color as we go south:  in sunlight it's a 
fairly subdued blue (much less vivid than the blue we saw leaving 
Rapa Nui), and when the sky is overcast the water is a pronounced 

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