Cape Horn rounding
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creeping toward the Horn

<x-flowed>Noon position (18 Nov): 56d 35.4 S, 070d 39.2 W
Barometer 979.8, air 7.8 C, water 7.4 C
109 miles today/4.5 knots
2773 miles since Rapa Nui
120 miles to Cape Horn

It's now 1 am ship's time (0500, 19 Nov, UTC).  We just shot a great 
fix on Rigil Kentaurus, Betelgeuse, and the moon; the sun is making a 
partial twilight to the south.

This morning we made landfall, at least according to the younger eyes 
on board.  The coast of Chile was 80 miles away.  Early in the 
morning we spotted some penguins.

Winds ranged from light to moderate Monday, shifting from NW to E. 
Wind continued to veer in the afternoon, forcing us farther southeast 
and south; eventually we were heading south southwest (closehauled on 
the port tack), and at 8 pm tonight tacked the ship for the first 
time since leaving San Diego.  The farthest south we reached was 57d 
05.5 S, 070d 24.0 W, at about 8:15 pm ship's time.

At the moment we're making about a knot over the ground on 100 true, 
and at least half of that is from current.  Cape Horn light bears 
060, 110 miles.


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