Cape Horn rounding
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goal in sight, 80 miles to go

<x-flowed>Noon position (19 Nov): 56d 43.5 S, 069d 22.5 W
Barometer 977.1, air 7.8 C, water 7.3 C
76.5 miles today/3.2 knots (lowest mileage since leaving Rapa Nui)
2849 miles since Rapa Nui
80 miles to Cape Horn

Daybreak this morning found us in the middle of a low pressure 
system, giving us a beautiful, dramatic sunrise, but no wind at all. 
As the day has gone on, wind has increased.  We're now sailing about 
6 knots, course 070 magnetic, in a force 3-4 breeze, close-hauled on 
the starboard tack.

About a half-hour ago we spotted Diego Ramirez, 2 points off the port 
bow at 24 miles.  If the wind holds we will be able to lay both Diego 
Ramirez and Cape Horn on this tack.


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