Cape Horn rounding
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special update: Europa rounds Cape Horn

<x-flowed>Greetings from the Atlantic Ocean.

The Dutch bark Europa rounded Cape Horn tonight at 2258 ship's time 
(0258 UTC, 2158 US Eastern time), in a brisk breeze with squaresails 
set to the royals.  We passed 3.2 nautical miles from the Cape under 
cloudy skies and a full moon.

Europa is the first Dutch squarerigger to round Cape Horn since 1911.

Earlier today we passed to the south of Islas Diego Ramirez, rocky 
cliffs jumping out of the water, with little growing on them.  At our 
daily 2 pm meeting we were nearly abeam of the islands and had a good 
look at them.  The meeting began with a moment of silence, and 3 
strokes of the ship's bell, in memory of the sailors who have died on 
the route we're sailing.

More on the activities at rounding later--I'm going back to our celebration.


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