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As a purchaser of the CelestNav CD version, you are entitled to free electronic upgrades. Enter your Hotsync Name (from the "Licensing" screen of CelestNav), your email address, and your serial number (from your CelestNav CD package). We will send you a password that you can use to unlock future electronic versions posted on this website in the CelestNav directory.

We do not release our customers' contact information or email addresses. Your email address will be used to return your password, and to notify you when CelestNav upgrades are available. See our privacy policy.

  • handheld Hotsync Username:
  • (Jack Aubrey in the example above)
  • handheld Regcode:
  • (4A:61:63:6B:20:75:62:72:65:79:C0 above)
  • email address:
  • CD serial number CD unlock code (both are printed on the label of your CD)
  • your name:
  • Mailing address:
  • City
  • State/province Postal code/Zip code Country

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