CelestNav™ Users Speak

Comments from customers:

This program is easy to use and extremely reliable. To me there's something really enjoyable in mixing the old and new technology. This app. makes navigating with a sextant almost as easy as using a GPS and a heck of a lot more fun. Having access to a Nautical Almanac on a Palm is worth the price alone.

Kevin Murphy


I am extremely happy with CelestNav 2.3. It's a must program for anyone with a PDA and sextant. I've used CelestNav to compute fixes from hundreds of sextant observations and also from Leonard Gray's Navigation Problems. Data entry is easy and computation quick and accurate. Product support and service is excellent as well. CelestNav 2.3 is a valuable tool for the art and science of celestial navigation.

Michael Allen


A great buy and a great piece of software. I have looked carefully at all the other packages and will stick with Celestnav. The site recording screen is particularly useful when you working alone, makes it easy to record the correct site time. Very smooth interface, excellent range of data presented, allows comparison to tabular solutions, all in all a terrific product.

Arthur Pearson


Accurate, easy, and fun: This program is easy to operate, easy to 'navigate', and fun to use. Unfortunately, I must remain a landbound navigator (for now), but the opportunity for practise with a sextant is more frequent and less cumbersome with a handheld comupter. The planned addition for support for bubble sextants will make this a really useful program to amature or practising celestial navigators alike.

anonymous, Oakland, Maine


CelestNav is a great product. I have used CelestiComp, Merlin and HP 41CV calculators in the past for handheld navigating. None compare to CelestNav for user frendliness and cost. The cost for both a low-end palmpilot AND the CelestNav software is significantly cheaper than many Nav specific calculators and the product works better!

James Clarke


This is a great tool for those of us who are interested in using the sextant but cannot take all the almanachs and form-sheets with them on a charter trip overseas. It makes the job of plotting your position so much easier and therefore so much more fun that i won't do without it in future. Of course, once in a while, one should do it all by hand in order to keep the skills.

Mark Rosa, Munich, Germany


This is a very fine piece of software. It exploits fully Palm capabilities and comprises everything you need to find your position at sea, but the sextant. It needs a little familiarization, but you can download a user manual. You won't regret buying it.

Juan J. Achutegui


CelestNav has all the celestial and navigation features of navigation programs costing 2-3 times more, and is very easy to use.

Dan Hogan