MapTap Client API

This API allows any program to use MapTap Atlas to draw a map on a PalmOS device. It requires that MapTap Atlas version 2.0 or higher already be installed on the PDA, together with whatever data layers are appropriate. The API is free to use, but MapTap Atlas still must be licensed.

To use this API, include maptapClient.c in your project, and include maptapClient.h into the source file for the functions that call MapTap.

Specific calls in the API are documented in maptapClient.h. But here's the sequence in a nutshell:

if (MaptapAtlasPresent()) {
	MaptapSetTitle("my cool map");
	MapTapDefineMap(-122., 48., 10000000., MaptapUSA);
This will cause MapTap Atlas to show a US map centered on Seattle, at a scale of 1:10000000, with a Mercator projection.

'strt' is the creator code of the calling app; substitute your own creator code. You don't have to set a title.

Possible enhancements, depending on requests:

A sample calling app, and the API source code, are available at

MapTap Atlas is available at

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