MapTap™ Atlas for PalmOS: geography reference tool for handheld computers

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Quick overview of MapTap™ Atlas

MapTap™ now supports the enhanced screens on the AlphaSmart Dana and the Handera 330.

MapTap™ Atlas for PalmOS creates your choice of maps, right on your handheld.

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Download the most recent release of MapTap™, the handheld atlas program. MapTap™ comes with a 10 day free trial; license cost is just $24.95

The most recent version is 2.2, released 28 August 2003.

MapTap™ requires 200k to 3 Mb of free memory, and runs on all PalmOS compatible systems version 3.5 and above, including Handspring Visors, Sony Clies, AlphaSmart Dana, Garmin iQue3600, and Handera and TRG units. The free math library Mathlib, written by Rick Huebner, is required; a copy is included for your convenience.


Support for MapTap™ is available to all users via email. Contact
Mobile Geographics LLC <>