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All of these data files require MapTap for PalmOS.

USA files are reduced resolution versions of data files from the US Geological Survey's National Atlas. For the original data, in standard GIS formats, see their web server. Most of the original data was at scale 1:2,000,000, but has been resampled to an even smaller effective scale for use in MapTap.

World files are reduced resolution versions of the NIMA VMAP Level 0 data, formerly known as the Digital Chart of the World ( City data makes use of population figures from the World Gazetteer (, (c) World Gazetteer, used by permission.

The data manipulation is done using the software tool FME, by Safe Software, a batch-oriented GIS and file conversion Swiss Army Knife. The translation to Mobile Geographics's internal MGV format is made with custom tools running under the open source GIS GRASS.

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Regular or VFS?

If you will be installing your mapfiles directly into your PDA's memory, using a normal HotSync operation, we recommend that you use "regular" files, which are organized in a way that will make your HotSync operations as quick as possible. Once they're transferred to your PDA, MapTap will unpack them for use automatically.

If you are installing your mapfiles onto a VFS expansion card (a CF, SD, or MemoryStick as found on the Handera 330, TRG Pro, Sony Clie, or Palm m500/m505/m515/i705/m130), then you should use the VFS versions of the mapfiles. Place them on the VFS card, in directory "/PALM/Launcher", using either the Palm Desktop software ("Install to card") or a standalone flash memory reader/writer.

"Regular" versions of the files will not work on VFS. "VFS" versions of the files can be installed directly to memory, but the HotSync operation will take a very, very, very long time; it's definitely not recommended.

If you don't know what a VFS card is, you probably don't have one. Use "regular".
US States
US state boundaries, with state FIPS codes, 2-letter abbreviations, and names. "USFIPSstateATR" is needed if you want to see names; without that file only the FIPS code is visible.
regular version: USstates-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: USstates-Mmap.pdb
original USGS source version description and metadata
US counties
County/parish boundaries, with county FIPS codes, with county FIPS codes and names. "USFIPScountyATR" is needed if you want to see names; without that file only the FIPS code is visible.
regular version: UScounties-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: UScounties-Mmap.pdb
original USGS source version description and metadata
US cities
A collection of 35,000 cities and populated places, separated into 4 files based on population (using 1998 best estimate). Includes national capital, state capitals, and county seats. File breakdown:
All cities with populations 100,000 or greater. Also includes national capital, state capitals, county seats (even if population is less than 100,000).
All cities with populations 10,000-99,999, unless the city is listed in layer "UScities1".
All cities with populations under 10,000, unless the city is listed in layer "UScities1".
Populated places and other cities for which no population figures are available.
regular version: UScities1-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: UScities1-Mmap.pdb
original USGS source version description and metadata
US highways
Major roads of the United States, separated into 5 different files based on the road category. Categories are:
Limited access highways. A route that is part of the United States Interstate Highway System or other similar expressway.
Principal highways. A major United States-numbered highway or one of the most important State-numbered routes.
Other through highways. A major State-numbered route or a minor United States-numbered highway.
Other highways. A minor State-numbered route or other connector road.
Ferry crossing (across water).
Load only the files up through the lowest level of road quality that you need, but load all the lower-numbered files also; e.g. UShighways1, UShighways2, and UShighways3 must all be loaded to see "Other through highways".
regular version: UShighways1-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: UShighways1-Mmap.pdb
original USGS source version description and metadata
US airports
Major US airports with regularly scheduled flights; lists official airport name, and its three-letter code. Includes airports in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands with enplanements greater than or equal to 250 passengers per year.
regular version: USairports-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: USairports-Mmap.pdb
original USGS source version description and metadata
US railroads
Railroads in the 48 conterminous states, plus Alaska.
regular version: USrailroads-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: USrailroads-Mmap.pdb
original USGS source version description and metadata
World country boundaries
World political boundaries (revised May, 2003). "WorldCountryATR" is needed if you want to see country names and FIPS codes. "WorldIslandsATR" is needed if you want to see island names.
regular version: WorldCountries-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: WorldCountries-Mmap.pdb
World cities
Locations and names of over 12,000 world cities in countries other than the USA. The list includes all national capitals, all cities with population over 500,000, the largest city in each country, and an ad hoc assortment of other places.
regular version: WorldCities-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: WorldCities-Mmap.pdb
World airports
Positions, names, and ICAO codes for 9800 world airports, airfields, and military air facilities.
regular version: WorldAerofac-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: WorldAerofac-Mmap.pdb
World oceans
Names of world oceans, seas, gulfs, currents, and sounds.
regular version: WorldOceans-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: WorldOceans-Mmap.pdb
World undersea features
Names and locations of underwater canyons, trenches, basins, seamounts, reefs, and banks.
regular version: WorldUndersea-Zmap.pdb
VFS version: WorldUndersea-Mmap.pdb

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