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RE: Questions about SJ 23 from new skipper,Tom Hamilton

On Wednesday, March 18, 1998 8:38 AM, Chuck Vande Wetering wrote:

>3. Is
>there any practical way to make hot water on this
>type boat?

Heat it up on the stove :)

>4. Any info on roller furling. I saw the
>comments on the trailer sailor bulletin board and am
>getting the info on the FF2 from CDI. But isn't there
>one of these systems that works with the standard
>clips that are used to attach the jib to the

Not that I know of - most systems require a luff wire. If you don't need 
>reefing<, consider a simple jib downhaul - place a block near the tack of 
the jib, run a line from the head, thru the block, and to the cabintop 
somewhere. Works great, and is cheap and simple and not a hassle come 

>7. Just how
> seaworthy is this boat? It sounds like it must be
> pretty good based on so much use in on the northwest
> coast.

Well, there's a difference between the 'coast' and interior waters like 
Puget Sound. I don't own a SJ23, and am too curious about their blue-water 

>9. What is the practicality storing a dingy on
> the deck? There are many situations where it would be
> nice to go ashore where no water taxis are available.
> Is it practical to carry one deflated and pump it up
> when needed?

I've had some success with this on my P19. Get one of those low-pressure 
high-volume inflators, and you can pump up a small inflatable in well less 
than a minute. Of course, my P19 only draws 6 inches with the daggerboard 
up so I often simply beach her...

>10. Any important considerations I've
> forgotten related to setting the boat up for cruising
> would be appreciated.

Based on your questions, it sounds like you might have a little trouble 
mentally going down from the larger boats you're used to. Enjoy your new 
boat for what it is. Skip the radar and autopilot and oven, and learn to 
cook everything on a single burner, stow things efficiently, and learn what 
you can live without. Smaller and simpler is better. Go to the library and 
get any book by Larry Brown on sailing - i think his latest is "Frugal 
Yachting" and he talks about the joys of trailerables and has some hints on 
making the most of them.

- -- West Wight Potter 19 #461 - Kirkland, WA

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