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Re: sj23 outboard survey

Well, I've made a decision I think, but haven't acted on it yet.

The engine I used last year was a 1958 Evinrude, 5.5 HP, with double line
hose and pressurized fuel tank.  Note that back then, HP was measured at
the engine instead of at the shaft, so it's probably a 4 HP by today's
standards.  In calm water I could get not quite 5 knots (by GPS); felt like
hull speed, although I reached more than 6 by sail regularly.  In high
winds or 1-2 foot chop, progress was slow even at high throttle.  This
engine died at a couple of inopportune moments, and is showing other signs
of its age.

A previous owner had fitted (and I inherited) a 1.5 electric.  I used this
a couple of times while the Evinrude was in the shop.  I could reach 1-1.5
knots on a mirror calm.

I've pretty much decided to buy an 8 HP Honda 4 stroke.  The 9.9/15 series
is about 25 pounds heavier than the 8.  The 5 HP is about 16 pounds
lighter, but doesn't have an alternator; I think that's what Chuck has.
I'm just not comfortable with the reliability of the existing motor, and
I'm planning some stuff this summer where I'll need a dependable engine.

Unless somebody tells me in the next few days that 8 is overkill, I'll be
buying one next week, just in time for launch.

Hal Mueller  
Corvallis, Oregon (dance)
Home:  (541) 752-4776
Work:  (541) 754-4490

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