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RE: sj23 outboard survey

On Thursday, March 26, 1998 3:13 PM, Jack Carr[] wrote:
> Just thought it would be interesting to find out from all SJ23
> owners what brand of outboards they have as well as the horsepower
> and for what type of conditions the outboard was purchased. Any comments
> about our engines would also be of interest. Also, if you were to
> purchase another outboard, which would you get and why.
> I will not be keeping a record of the answers. But a pattern may emerge
> if we have enough participants.

I'm not a SJ23 sailor, but I'm quite pleased with my Tohatsu 5HP outboard. 
The Tohatsu and the Nissan are the same engine under different names. It 
usually starts on the first pull, sometimes even after weeks or months of 
non-use. The water channels are lined with stainless steel, its reasonably 
quiet, etc. It easily gets my WWP19 up to hull speed at half throttle or 
less when its smooth, and with a little more in the chop. At full throttle 
I burn 1/2 gallon per hour (rule of thumb: 10% of horsepower=gallons per 
hour - this seems to be true on mine). I never find myself wishing for more 
motor, but my boat only weighs 1300 lbs, so the 5HP might not seems like 
overkill to you. I could probably get away with a 3.5 or 4 horse actually.

One thing I like about this motor is the optional alternator (which I 
have). Its probably unnecessary in my boat since I burn very little current 
and my solar panel keeps the battery charged anyways, but its nice to know 
I have a quick onboard way of charging if necessary.

If I ever get rid of this motor (its a 94 and i put so few hours on this 
stout motor I may never need to) I will in all likelihood get a 4-stroke. I 
suspect in the coming years we'll see more and more 4-strokes available 
from manufacturers, and more and more bodies of water (like Lake Tahoe is 
today) where you cannot use a 2-stroke. Hopefully, the 4-strokes' 
power-weight ratio will improve some as well. i sure won't miss mixing 
oil... now if only someone would make a diesel outboard :)

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