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I have an SJ 21 that we use a 4hp merc with on the lake.  But it is a
short shaft and when in the sound we had a problem with lack of power in
some of the currents there and the prop cavitated a few times when some
of the power boaters forgot to slow down (as they seem to often do) when
passing.  For that reason we put a 6 hp long shaft johnson on for
cruising in the sound.

We also have a lancer 25 that we normally use for cruising.  we have a
long shaft 9.9 on it.  We like this motor because it has an alternator. 
The only disadvantage to all of these motors is that they need premix
fuel.  If I ever buy a new motor it will definitely be a 4 cycle motor
and not need the premix fuel with the attendant odor problem.

kevin hedgepeth
Juander Lust (SJ21)
Indy (lancer 25)
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