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Re: sj23 outboard survey

Hi Hal. I have a Honda 8hp and very happy with it. It always starts on 
the second pull after siiting for awhile and on the first pull when used 
regularly. I find it very reliable and it being a four stroke the noise 
is much more bearable. I have had 2 strokes in the pass and i do not miss 
the mixing of oil to the fuel, the smoke and the louder noise.

Since I sail on my own 99% of the time in various weather and usually in 
more isolated spots, I need an engine that has my complete confidence. I 
have gone through some demanding and a few hairaising situations when 
using the engine and it has never let me down. on several ocasions, the 
engine was almost completely submerged but it kept going (don't ask me how!).
Also, I sail from Sandy Point which has a very and shallow and narrow 
entrance (forget it at low tide). It can get very difficult navigating 
around the sand bars, crab traps when the waves are coming in and a good 
breeze blowing. The honda is again excellent in keeping the boat on 
course and the extra power comes in handy.

At first, I though the 8hp honda was overkill for the SJ23 since I rarely 
have to give it much power to reach hull speed. Also, I do not use 
it that much unless I absolutely have to.  However, when I am using it and 
find myself going against a strong current or needing the extra power in 
difficult weather situations, I am happy to have it. As you know, there 
can be some tricky currents in north puget sound and around the San Juan 
Islands and that extra power comes in handy. (ie: Deception Pass - went 
through just great and the weather wasn't the best with some good size 
waves coming in. James Island also has strong currents at the marine park 
with little room to maneuvre or for error - again no problem. One time when 
tying up to a buoy on west side of Clark island, the current was so
strong that the shorter buoy was at least one yard submerged in the water 
- again no problem. I could give more examples but these should do.) 

You can gather that if i had to replace the engine, you 
would find another 8hp honda at its place. I also have a friend who 
charters sailboats. Whenever he gets a boat equiped with an outboard, his 
first task is to replace it with a honda 4 stroke if it doesn't already 
have one.

These are my personal experiences. My reply is long but hopes it helps 
you in making a decision. Perhaps someone has had the opposite 

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