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Re: SJ23 - self steering

Hi Bob. Finally getting to reply to all my email. I went sailing for the 
past four days and returned this tuesday. Had great weather the first 
couple days and sunday was sunny, warm but little wind. Monday was the 
opposite. Rain, wind of 20 MPH with gusts to 30MPH and wind waves up to 4 
feet. Boat handled it well and made for a good sail. Ended up just using 
the reefed main to get to my destination. Glad I had my 8hp honda when i 
had to motor into the marina over the sand bars and through the waves.
(No wonder my wife will not come sailing!!) It was nice to go to the 
various marine parks and find but a few boats (if any). Lots of moorings 
and ample space to anchor. This will soon change!

Thanks for your offer on the self steering. Unfortunately my 
computer system is quite ancient and I would not be able to view any 
images you scan. Perhaps we could arrange for you to send me the book and 
I could have a look at it. I would return it within a week. Email me 
directly if you want to work something out. 

On Sat, 28 Mar 1998, Bob Schimmel wrote:
> Hal I own a book on sef steering and have an image scanner.  If you tell
> me which model you want scanned I will send the images to you.  The book
> was published years ago by Sail Magazine and is called Self-Steering for
> Sailboats by Gerard Dijkstra.  It includes pretty well all the popular
> ones of the time plus a section on home building a vane.  
> It even includes a section on using the sails to steer the boat!!!  Just
> kidding.  Anyway if you are interested, e-mail me.
> -- 
> Regards
> Bob Schimmel
> Sailing Inc.
> Spruce Grove, Alberta
> Canada

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