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Re: (Fwd) Got It!!

Chuck Vande Wetering wrote:
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> Date:          Sat, 28 Mar 1998 19:42:21 -0700
> From:          Dave Rhinehart <>
> To:  
> Subject:       Got It!!
> Chuck:
> Drove pretty slowly and the snow had mostly melted-we made it!!!
> Looks like hull #570, haven't had main out to check sail number yet.
> I sure have some work to do.
> Boat is overall in very good condition.
> Only major flaw noted is some delamination on the rudder- toward the
> top, but significant.
> I'll be disassembling for possible repair-do you have any experience
> with this problem or with finding replacement rudder?
> Tomorrow (Sunday) I plan on going through the boat-from stem to stern as
> it were.
> You can't imagine my excitement!
> Cheers,
> Dave
> Dave,
> Congratulations. I don't remember if you subscribed to the
> majordomo mail list but I am sending this message to the
> list to see if you get some idea on how to handle the
> delamination problem. Therer is a link to dealers who still
> have parts available. One in Mt. Vernon, Washington, on the
> mainland east of the San Juan Islands (almost where I get
> off the ferry when going to the mainland, and another in
> North Carolina, which would be closer to you. I have never
> tried to get a part from them but maybe someone else has
> some experience to share with us on that.
> Chuck Vande Wetering
> Chuck Vande Wetering
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> And the flung spray and the blown spume, and
>    the sea-gulls crying.
> Verse 2 of "Sea Fever" by John Masefield
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There is a small company near Seattle that manufactures parts for San
Juans.  Ha also has stuff in stock.  A friend of mine spoke to Gene the
other day, looking for and bought a brand spankin new SJ28 manual. 
Apparently this guy is loaded with information about San Juans and has
some of the original molds.  He will build you a San Juan, depending on
the model.  He doesn't own all the molds.

His phone number:

Gene Admas



Bob Schimmel
Sailing Inc.
Spruce Grove, Alberta
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
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