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(Fwd) SJ23 center board

San Juan 23 Skippers,

I will look through the messages in the message board 
archive to find out who asked about the dimensions of the 
SJ 23 centerboard, but in the meantime maybe this will 
reach them faster.

Chuck Vande Wetering

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Date:          Sat, 11 Apr 1998 18:43:30 -0600
From:          Bob Schimmel <>
Organization:  Sailing Inc.
Subject:       SJ23 center board


I have removed the center board from my Sj23 to perform some repairs.

Wasn't there a guy who wanted dimensions for the board?  I can't find
that question on either of the lists.  In any case I will be taking
pictures, taking dimensions and send some pictures soon.

In the mean time if you can find this fellow for me I will then send him
the dimensions.



Bob Schimmel
Sailing Inc.
Spruce Grove, Alberta

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