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Re: motor brackets

frank may wrote:
> I am curious, has anyone had the experience of replacing their outboard
> motor bracket? If so, how did you manage to get a wrench or socket on the
> nuts that are in behind the starboard lazzert?
> Cheers,
> Frank
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Hi Frank;

This is an incredibly lousy job.  You WILL get dirty, especially with
fiberglass.  Put on a mask to prevent breathing the fibers.  Also, put
some coveralls on to protect your skin and clothes.  Do up all th cuffs
and collar.  It helps to be slender, loose 30 lbs quickly, or have a
skinny friend.

- Empty out the port lazarette, completely.  Wash the locker, if you
have you.
- Place a support block under the back of the trailer to prevent it from
- Step into the lazarrete, back to the gunwale.  
- Kneel down, almost on your bum, and fall to your right side.  Duck
your head as you are going in or your right ear will hurt.
- Then stretch your body out and crawl to behind the outboard bracket.
- Now is an excellent time for your assistant (you do have one I hope)
to hand you a crescent wrench (nobody give you the correct size) or
large vice grips.
- The assistant then works the outside while you do the inside.
- To get out of there, I work myself along the bottom of the hull sort
of like a snake going backwards.  Then I work myself backwards to the
locker to end up on my hands and knees where I manage to wriggle myself
out. AH FRESH AIR!!!
- I have down this job four @#$%&* times now and hated it every time.  

NOTE: The next time I go in, I will paint the inside of the hull with
cement paint so the glass fibers stay put.  I also intend to do the same
with the inside of my lockers.

By the way, have someone standby while your are doing this.  Just in
case you get stuck or become claustrophobic.  It is basically impossible
to yell for help while you are down there.  And don't mention my name
when the 911 squad shows up.  The last thing I want to hear on the news
is how this crazy Canuck said this could be done.  I'll deny it all

Happy spelunking

Bob Schimmel
Sailing Inc.
Spruce Grove, Alberta
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
This list sponsored by PEAK,Inc., ISP and Education Center, Corvallis, Oregon

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