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Hi guys: 
I enjoyed the write-up of how to change the SJ23s motor mount (a job for my 
skinny daughter) but it brings up a few questions I've been meaning to ask 
about.  The motor mount on my boat #449 looks commercial, i.e. stainless steel, 
but its adjustment up and down is a rope and block. It is very difficult to 
adjust with certainty. I am wondering if this pulley setup was installed by the 
last owner after losing the typical metal bar with slots that is used on all 
the motor mounts I've seen. This brings up the issue of replacing the mount 
with on that is more serviceable if there is not a part available to fix mine. 
In looking at motor mounts it seems all I've seen so far mount to a space 
larger than the built up area on my SJs stern for mounting the thing. Any 
thoughts would be appreciated. Also, please see my question on the SJ message 
board concerning my trailer. Thanks, Tom (

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