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SJ23 Trailer & Engine Mount

I also use a block and tackle to raise/lower my engine.  The top end is
attached to the pushpit.  This is an add on, not original.

With regard to the hull being so close to the the trailer, there are six
Sj23s here and all are the same as what you describe.  This reminds me
of an accident one of the guys in our club had with his Catalina 25. 
The coupler broke off his trailer due to a faulty weld.  The boat
suffered only minor damage but it prompted me to inspect my McGregor
trailer.  I found 5 cracked welds which I immediatly repaired and added
gusset plates for additional strength and security. The trialer was 10
years old at the time.  When the rest of the sailers inspected their
trailers, they also found cracks. About 10 trailers were affected. 
Which only points out that you must always inspect on a routine basis.  

By the way, it is recommended to bolt the coupler to the trailer.  If
you wish to weld as well, it should be considered as a security.  NOTE:
Sometimes a nice looking weld is just that; it has little strength.  I
added bolts to my factory welded coupler.


Bob Schimmel
Sailing Inc.
Spruce Grove, Alberta
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