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Re: Purchase of a San Juan 23

Malcolm G. McIntyre wrote:
> Dear Bob Schimmel:
>         I understand from the Jan Juan 23 Home Page that you are a boat
> owner. I am a perspective Jan Juan 23 owner. Having located a boat with no
> trailer, I am seeking advise on the type and possibly a supplier of trailers
> for the Jan Juan 23. If you have any information, I look forward to your reply.
> Thank You
> Malcolm G. McIntyre
Hi Malcolm

I can't recommend any particular manufacturer over another as there are
lousy and good designs all over this planet.  However, here are some
good ideas you should look for;
- Tandom 3500 Lb axles for load distribution, cool running tires and
stability down the highway.  Brakes in all four wheels.
- My preference is electric brakes but I understand that if you launch
in the salt chuck, surge brakes stand up better to the corrosion.
- Guide posts to center the hull on the trailer while the boat is still
floating.  I have guides of the keel and the hull.
- (This one is difficult to describe) Do NOT get a single draw bar
trailer.  I have one and it is impossible to get roll stabilization from
the equalizing bars.  Instead, the side rails of the trailer should
carry forward to the hitch coupler so the equalizing bars are spread out
along side of them.
- Smear the light bulb sockets with lithium or white grease to prevent
corrosion.  DO NOT get grease on the bulb.
- I have recently found a new oil manufactured by OMC, caled 6 in 1. 
This stuff is excellent at repelling water and preventing corrosion.  It
goes on like a foam and spreads into all the cracks like synthetic oil.
It dries so dust does not stick to it and continues to repel water.  I
sprayed the electrical connector on my trailer and cleaned up all the
corrosion.  (I also sprayed lower leg of my outboard.  After one season
of use it still repels water).
- If the trailer is welded, check all the welds annually for crackes. 
They are very tiny and difficult to see due to dirt, rust, etc.  Use a
wire brush to clean and get a REAL GOOD look.  More and more I am coming
to the conclusion that a bolted trailer is a better way to go in the
long run.



Bob Schimmel
Sailing Inc.
Spruce Grove, Alberta
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