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Gas Tank

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From: Schmitt Bob <>
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Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 7:48 AM
Subject: RE: Request for SJ23 Manual

>Chuck -

I wanted to ask the readership about how they have rigged their fuel tanks.
Does anyone store a fuel tank in the port lazarette? (My battery is stored
in the forward portion of that compartment). If so, how did you run your
fuel line and did you vent the lazarette?
Bob Schmitt
S/V "Spiff"


I store my gas tanks in the port lazarette and my battery is inside under
the cockpit strapped against the starboard side.  That keeps it close to my
instruments which are on starboard side and shortens runs. I have to remove
the portable gas tank to use it so it takes up space on the cockpit floor
when in use. I have thought about running the gas line inside the lazarette
and out near the  transom so I could leave the  tank in the lazarette,
which is vented. I keep so much gear in there that it might shift on me and
cause problem with the gas line, but I probably will do it. That would be a
good topic for the "Tech Tips" page I think.

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