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Re: gas tank

Hi Bob. Prior to storing any gas, make certain the port lazarette is 
vented in an enclosed compartement as per coast guard regulations. 
Keeping a gas container in the lazarette which is not in an enclosed 
compartement and not vented will result in gas fumes seeping in the cabin. 
This becomes an extreme fire hazard. I would also not recomend 
storing your battery in the same compartement in case of sparks, etc... 

I use a 3 gallon gas tank which fits nicely in the aft section of the 
cockpit and is out of the way. I also have a three gallon spare tank, 
when I go on extended trips, which i store on deck fasted to a 

I also recall a fellow sailor whose gas thank started to leak while 
stored in a regular lazarette without ventilation etc... Fortunately he 
noticed it before lighting his stove. Apparently he could only smell a 
bit of a gasoline odour and did not think anything of it at first.
I do not remember the exact saying but apparently a teaspoon of gasoline 
can be as dangerous as a stick of dynamite (correct me if i am wrong)

Cheers and safe sailing.  

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