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Re: Does SJ 23 Sink when holed or flooded?

At 8:52 PM -0700 5/12/98, Jack Carr wrote:
>Since the fiberglass, mast, battery, anchors &
>rode, water, food, number of persons on board, etc... etc... etc...
>would add to the weight, a higher weight base may be required.

Yes, those are important factors, and they are not addressed at all in my

Kamens's premise is that accounting for just the ballast, given a
wooden-core fiberglass hull, gets you in the ballpark.  If he's right, we
still need to add a lot of buoyancy to a SJ23 to keep it afloat when
flooded.  If he's being too liberal, we need to add an _awful_lot_ more
buoyancy.  Many of us (author included) seem to have added heavy
equipment--spare batteries, extra anchors, outboards.  That certainly won't
help the buoyancy.

Back to Bobby Kawamura's original question:  I think we should conclude
that the boats will sink when filled with water, and take whatever
precautions are appropriate to the waters we're sailing on.


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