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Re: Loose rudder

(Notice Board User)  Livingston Brooks
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(from)  Harkers Island, NC 28531
(Date)  6/6/3/98
(Please post the following)  We recently purchased a SJ 23. The rudder
has a lot of side to side free play (slop). Does anyone have any
suggestions on how to improve this?

You didn't mention where the free play is and what type of rudder you

If the free play is in the pintles and gudgeons, remove them, clean out
the holes with acetone, fill the holes with WEST epoxy & filler, redrill
new mounting holes, and fianlly remount your hardware with plenty of
Sikaflex (or equivalent).  See the WEST site (SJ23 home page) for
details on hole filling. 

If the play is in the sides of the tiller, rebuild the worn wood with
new stuff.  Use hard wood (it lasts longer) to rebuild the faces.  You
can use wood glue here, but WEST epoxy sticks a whole lot better. 
Alternatively you could make a new laminated tiller using WEST epoxy.  A
laminated tiller is a whole lot stronger than the original solid teak
tiller.  Besides, if you hire a carpenter, you might be able to pay him
with the original solid teak stick.  Check out the price of teak lately?

If you have a kick up rudder, then tighten the hinge located just above
the water line.  Just don't tighten the bolt so tight that the blade
can't kick up in the event of a grounding!

Every day is a great day
Even the shitty ones.

Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta
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