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sanjuan26 owner questions


My wife and I have owned a SanJuan 26 for about three years, having found
it on a trailer in a back alley in Champaign IL, where we live. Before we
bought the boat we had talked to a naval architect on the phone, he was
familiar with the boat and reported favorably on it. Since that time I have
been able to find little information about the boat and was wondering if
anyone knew of sources of information. I saw something on the net that said
that this boat is sometimes called a 7.7.

I am especially interested in other owners, their comments and things such
as SA/Disp, Ballast ratio etc.  We have just about completed a complete
restoration of this boat in preparation for taking it to berth in Chicago
(we have had it on Lake Shelbyville a Core of Engineers lake in Central IL
for three years)where we intend to day sail out of Chicago and cruise the
Great Lakes in the Summers.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Sean Mauney / Network Analyst   
Division of Rehabilitation Education      wk(217) 333-1082
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  fax "   333-0248
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