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Re: Proper Way to Rig Juffy Reefing Lines


I am copying your question to  our majordomo list and the members can either
e-mail directly to you or answer on the majordomo and I will forward it to

I will enter you as an Associate Skipper on our members' page (first thing
you can click on below the poem on the SJ 23 Internet Fleet webpage).

If you are interested in being on our majordomo list, let me or Hal Mueller
know and we will get you signed up. It is a turnaround message list that is
automatic and goes to all of our members without me having to post it.

Chuck Vande Wetering
Webmaster SJ 23 Internet Fleet

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>(userid)  Lyle Thorson
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>(from)  South Dakota
>(comments)  Nice home page! I own a Cal 24. I was looking for the proper
way to rig jiffy reefing lines. I have a downhaul line, a cunningham line
comeing up at the rear of the boom. Also a little "rope" loop on the bottom
of the boom. There are two large grommets in the leech of the sail and one
smaller, thinner grommet in the foot of the sail. My question is - why does
the cummingham line come thru the boom and up at the rear of the sail? This
is our first boat and in So. Dakota our information base is spread thin. ha
ha Thank you for your help.  Lyle T.
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