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Photo experiments on SJ 23 Internet Fleet Index page


Hope none of you are home reading this. It's a beautiful day for sailing (at
least here in the San Juans). I am experimenting with  some photos Roger and
Eileen sent me of "Blue Heeler" on Lake Leech, Minnesota. One seems to be
too big to download in a reasonable time if at all. The other is animated
and does download in  about 5 minutes but isn't animated on the SJ 23 page.
It is on my computer as it came in as e-mail.

So please don't panic if you open the SJ 23 page and the first two pictures
don't download and the whole index page is slow to appear.

If you have any suggestions about how we can solve this problem, please let
me know. At this point I can only tell Roger and Eileen  to send me a
smaller or clipped version. There must be some way I can alter the size
after I get it. I will put the old pictures back on later today if I haven't
figured out how to alter these.

Chuck Vande Wetering
Webmaster San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

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