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July Cruise in San Juan and Gulf Islands and Subscribing to the SJ 23 Majordomo list.

Hello SJ 23 Skippers,

I am planning to leave sometime the first week of July on a two week cruise
in the San Juan and Gulf Islands with my grandson. We could arrange our trip
to meet with any of you anywhere in the islands during that time. We may
even anchor behind Butchart Gardens, on the Saanich Peninsula, behind
Victoria. We plan to gunkhole, fish and crab, with no firm itinerary unless
we can meet up with any of you who are sailing in Puget Sound those two
weeks. By the way, our mooring will be open at Friday Harbor during that
time. It is W-38, in the low rent district next to the Yacht Club, and you
are welcome to use it free when we are gone. Of course I will not be
maintaining the SJ 23 webpage during this period. A good time for everyone
to get subscribed to the SJ 23 majordomo list. Hal Mueller will help you
with this if you have a problem.

Chuck Vande Wetering
Webmaster San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

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