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Changes to SJ 23 Internet Fleet Webpage

Hello SJ 23 Skippers,

I have eliminated several dead links and added a few new ones on the page.
Links were eliminated if the address was no longer valid (i.e. 48 Degrees
North Sailing Magazine) or if I had reconsidered the usefulness of the link.
Please let me know if I have removed any you were in the habit of using and
I will reinstate them. I added Racing Rules of Sailing, Favorite Ships,
Nautical clipart, and Sea Chanties which I discovered on other webpages and
thought you might like.

I decided to silence the Anchor's Away music. I found myself wincing when it
came on and hurrying to click on something to get off the page and silence
the music. Do you feel the same way or do you want it back on? I am looking
for a replacement midi song or possible the sound of water breaking against
a boat hull. If you have anything, let me know.

Chuck Vande Wetering
Webmaster San Juan 23 Internet Fleet

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