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(Notice Board User)  David Hyman
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(Date)  7-13-98
(Please post the following)  Dear 23'ers:  Thanks for letting me in here.  I
have a SJ7.7, which, in many respects, has lines which resemble those of the
23.  As best I can make out, the stock forward hatch cover on a 23, like the
7.7, is a piece of smoked plexiglas with simple hinges, simple screw-down
dogs, some rubber gasket and a spring holder-opener.  Assuming the 23 really
does have this hatch, some of you may have replaced it, by now, with
something a little more substantial -- like the pre-fab models from Bomar or
Lewmar.  If so, did you have to do any cutting of the deck to install the
new one?  And what was involved in the project?  I'd appreciate any advice
or suggestions.

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