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SJ23 Tech Tips Page

Good day fellow SJ23 owners.

I have updated the Tech Tips front page to make it a little jazzier.  It
is also easier for me to program this section as i have only one program
to use instead of 3.  Less confusion is good.

Most images are clickable.  That is, if you want more detail, simply
click on the image.  It will probably be much larger than your screen,
but you can pan to the area of your choice.

You must now click on the cell number instead of the whole wording.  
(Easier for me to update this home page).  I have also added quite a few
more cells for future expansion.  (looking for your input!!).  Some of
the cells have been reworked to combine similar images.  (this makes for
more room but longer download times).  For those of you who are thinking
of working on your boats this winter, I have added the following new
cells, C2, C3, G5, F5.

I won't be around for August as I am going land cruising in the Yukon
and Alaska.  

Happy web sailing

Be content. The grass on the other side still has to be cut!


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
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