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Repairing after suffering dismasting


Sorry to hear about your loss n that must have been some storm to throw
debris capable of dismasting your boat.  I am forwarding this to the SJ 23
Majordomo mail list because I am sure many of our members may be able to
share ideas with you. I hope there is help available in the articles and
links on the SJ 23 webpage too. Look especially closely at the Tech Tips
pages and the Message Archives where previous problems have been dealt with
in message exchanges.

I will register you on our Skippers page and add you to my e-mail list. You
need to subscribe to the majordomo list by clicking on the link on the first
page just below the first two links. This is a free subscription and will
get you an automatic turnaround on all SJ 23 messages.

Welcome aboard. I will also link and post any photos you want to send me.

Chuck Vande Wetering

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(My Name is)  David L. Gross
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(Boat name)  ALCYON
(I Sail )  Clinton Lake, Illinois
(Mailing address)  3 Flora Court
(city, state, country)  Champaign, IL 61821
(year)  1978
Our San Juan 23, ALCYON, sails and races on Clinton Lake, IL,
and sometimes sails on Cass Lake, MN.  However, while in the slip
on Clinton Lake, ALCYON was dismasted by flying debris on
June 29, 1998.  We are struggling with whether and how to
repair a lot of damage.

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