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Cruising Spinnaker Replies

I have received the following information as a result of posts to
several list serves regarding cruising spinnakers for my San Juan 24.
The following Web sites also had good info on handling and rigging the
sail ( and
Http:// ).  Any further experiences
from other San Juan owners would be appreciated.


Marty Pearce
Wizard (San Juan 24)
Victoria, BC



I will try to answer some of your questions.

1st An asymmetric spinnaker is a spinnaker.  It is used with best
in true wind angles of 80-165 degrees.  It can be used in light to
conditions with good results.  The winder it gets the lower wind angles
will have to sail and vice versa in light air you will have to sail
wind angles.  An asymmetric cruising spinnaker is similar to a gennaker
cruising spinnaker.

Approximate dimensions are luff 31.5  leech 26.78  foot 15.67  Cost is
usd.  Sail can be delivered in 6 weeks from date of order.

Please call or write with any further questions or comments.


Brain Huse
Quantum Seattle



Your request for information was sent to me here at Nanoose Bay as I am
closest Doyle loft to you.

First of all an asymmetrical spinnaker is the generic name for large off
wind, usually nylon, sails which have been marketed as cruising chutes,
gennakers, MPS, and a myriad of other names.

Doyle offer asymmetrical spinnaker for cruisers and racers.  The
sail is known as our APC ( asymmetrical power cruiser ).  Since you do
race there is no need to mention the APR ( larger racing version).

An APC for your San Juan 24 would measure approximately 30.20 luff,
leech, 17.10 foot and be 446 sq. ft.

The price is $1350. 

There is a wide selection of colored nylon to choose from.

Regards from Nanoose Bay
Peter Jacobson
Doyle Sailmakers British Columbia
Nanoose Bay, B.C.
Tel: (250) 468-9178
Fax: (250) 468-9177

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