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Replacement Rudder for San Juan 28?

Have you checked with the two firms we list on the SJ 23 webpage? One is in
Mt. Vernon, the other in North Carolina. They claim to have replacement
parts and the rights to produce them on SJ 21, 23, and 7.7 meter but I am
not sure about 28s.

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(Notice Board User)  Thomas Payne
(Owner)  Other San Juan
(from)  Evanston, Ill
(Date)  7/24/98
(Please post the following)
I have a 1979 San Juan '28 in Burnham Harbor(Chicago lake front--Lake
I'm looking for a replacement tiller(the current and original one is
The West Marine versions don't appear to fit the shoe that attaches to the
rudder post.
Would appreciate any suggestions of where to look or names of other San Juan
owners that
who might be helpful in the search.

Tom Payne
312-461-3479 day
847-869-4514 evenings

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