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Tech Tips

My trip to the Yukon has been delayed for a week so I took advantage of
the free weekend to go racing.  We burned in the sun, had great wind
(most of the time), drank a lot of really good (FREE) beer, and I took
some of the remaining pictures for the Tech Tips page.

I have updated quite a few section.  Have a look.  It will be self
evident which ones have been updated or are new.

Still looking for Tech Tip input from anybody.  Or another way, is there
a particular item you want viewed?  I have a choice of some 150
sailboats here to take pictures of, or steal ideas from!  I know most of
the owners and they have been updating their boats on the average of 10
years now.


Bob Schimmel
Spruce Grove, Alberta

Be content. The grass on the other side still has to be cut!
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