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For Your Information!

Just to keep you informed of this exchange in case I have to provide a
remedy to satisfy this guy for alleged copyright violation.


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From:	Chuck Van de Wetering []
Sent:	Friday, July 31, 1998 10:16 PM
Cc:	Professor
Subject:	FW: names

Dear Brian Kerrigan,

I have just been informed that you object to an alleged copyright violation
by the use of "Clark Sails" on one of the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet
Webpages.  I do not have written permission to use any of the old Clark
Company brochure on this page as I was unable to locate anyone who held such
copyrights. If you hold the copyright to any portion of the brochure, upon
proof I will be happy to remove that portion from the SJ 23 Webpage.

It was my intention to improve the value of all SJ 23's by trying to
encourage activities and idea exchange between  owners of a boat no longer
manufactured.  If you feel I have somehow injured you in the process I will
be willing to do whatever makes sense to correct my mistake.

Do you have a business selling Clark Sails? I would be pleased, and consider
it a favor if you allowed me to make known your business on the WebPages. If
you  seek personal credit for something you were the author of, I can add
that credit to the WebPages. Let me know what is your pleasure.
The webpage will still be a quality page and serve the purpose of the
members and future members if I remove anything you hold a copyright to, so
I am certainly willing to do that, if it is in your interest for me to do

Do you own a San Juan 23? We would like to have you as a member of the
fleet? Do you share my desire to promote the San Juan 23? Are you a source
of sails for the SJ 23 or did you work for Clark Boat Company?. I would
enjoy getting acquainted with you as I am sure our members would.


Chuck Vande Wetering
San Juan 23 Internet Fleet Webmaster

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From:	LML []
Sent:	Friday, January 11, 1980 12:22 PM
To:	San Juan 23 Internet Fleet  Webmaster
Cc:	Brian Kerrigan
Subject:	Fw: names

SJ23 Internet Fleet

RE: Use of the name CLARK SAILS

Dear Sir,

Brian has clarified his contention that he believes that you are in
copyright violation with the use of the name "CLARK SAILS" on the
below mentioned page.  Since I have no access to the original
information, copyright holder, or manufacturer, I am forwarding this
to you for your consideration and opinion, and leave it in your
capable hands for a reply.  I have Cc'd this to him.  Possibly he
might be a candidate for membership, or if he has a valid claim, would
appreciate the free reference to his company?


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From: Brian Kerrigan <>
To: LML <lml>
Date: Friday, July 31, 1998 5:22 PM
Subject: names

Dear Murry,

I am referring to the San Juan 23 "Trimming and tips" page.

Thankyou for forwarding my letter

Best regards,

Brian Kerrigan

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