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Honda Four Stroke Outboard


I agree with everything Art has said. I went to a 3/16 brass pin, haven't
tried a steel pin yet.  A few weeks ago on a cruise I was  in Ganges, on
Salt Spring Island (Gulf Islands in B.C.) and the Honda dealer there
suggested I get a prop with a different pitch. Does anyone think that might

Chuck Van de Wetering

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I too had an even older 5 hp Mariner that was a DISASTER in the making.
fall, as I was bringing the boat into the dock to take out of the water for
the winter, the shift lever fell off into my hand!  I was planning to put it
in reveres to get head-way off the boat and had NO room to maneuver.  It
should have been a lot worse then it was!  With that we went looking for a
replacement motor.  We found an about ten year old Honda 5hp for $500 that
in real good condition.  I was concerned about the additional weight of a
stroke and it is noticeable - but ok.  It has worked out fine on my SJ23 but
have had the same problem that, I believe Chuck has had, and that is that it
shears shear pins for NO GOOD REASON.  Like the last time, right out in the
middle of the Vessel Traffic Lane when there was no wind!  I got the shear
replaced JUST in time to get out of the way of a VERY VERY VERY BIGGG
container ship coming out of the port of Tacoma!!!!

I talked to three Honda dealers about the problem and got no help except for
the comment that it is a poor design.  I don't know what Chuck did to solve
his problem but I replace the Honda factory 0.200 inch diameter brass pin
a 3/16 inch (0.1875 inch) diameter steel pin from Boat World.  The Boat
shear pins cost about $1.29 for two pins plus a spare cotter pin.  The Honda
brass pin was $2.50 for just ONE pin! - AND then it fails with just a few
hours of running  - several times!

But for a boat that weighs about half again a much as a SJ23 I think that I
would be looking for something bigger then a 5hp motor.  Particularly if you
think you may be bucking winds when under power.

Good Luck,

Art Brown

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There is an exchange in the SJ 23 Internet Fleet Message Archives on
outboards. I have a Honda 4-stroke - 5 1/2 horse on my 23. Hal Mueller just
purchased an 8  horse ,I believe,  for his 23. I think you could handle that
much. We both have Honda Four-Strokes. I like mine very much and the best
part of it is that I can move it from the boat to the dinghy when I am on
the hook and want to go exploring or fishing away from the anchored boat. I
could even transfer it in an emergency abandon ship.

You are on the majordomo list and should put this out on that list to the
members. That way in the event I am not around you will get a faster
response  Otherwise the posting has to wait for me to open my e-mail. I will
forward it for you now.


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Ok. Here's the deal. The wife has insisted that unless I get an outboard
motor that works EVERY time, she not only will not set foot on our sailboat,
but she will scuttle it at the slip. This afternoon was a disaster -- the
choke broke (again) and the motor wouldn't start as we were maneuvering back
into our slip. So, we ended up bouncing off a few docks and other boats
before we finally made it back (hey, I just do this on weekends!). So, now
I'm in the market for a new motor to replace my 1984 Mariner 5hp. The boat
is a San Juan 7.7, is 26 feet long and displaces 3200 lbs. We sail on an
inland lake, but it can get windy. What motor would you suggest? Remember,
it HAS to be reliable, or I'm going to have to learn to golf (ugh). Thanks,


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