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FW: Honda Four Stroke Outboard

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Sent:	Tuesday, August 11, 1998 8:28 PM
Subject:	Re: Honda Four Stroke Outboard

Dear Chuck,

For some reason I have our security set up so I can't access your web
page and have not spent time to fix the  problem.  Please indulge me and
forward this to the list.

We have a Johnson 8 HP which is fine as long as there is not an extreme
current like in the San Juans. We will be looking for a 9 or 10 HP next
time (although since Dave rebuilt this after a failed thermostat right
after buying the boat I hope that is a long time from now).  The previous
owner installed a great mount which gives us the ability to have an
assisted lift to raise the prop out of the water during sailing when we
tilt it also. We do ride low and put rubber plugs in the cockpit drains
only while under power.

I can not imagine using less than an 8 HP because in a pinch that is not
enough.  I have also heard that it is wise to just replace the thermostat
on a regular basis depending on hours used as preventative maintenance.

Betsy Schultz

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