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Welcome to SJ 23 Internet Fleet and Question on Spinnaker


I have added your name and data to our skipper listing on the SJ 23 Internet
WebPages, added you to my personal e-mail list and subscribed for you to the
SJ23 MAJORDOMO MAIL LIST. I am forwarding this post to the majordomo list to
introduce you to the members and get your question on spinnakers to them. If
you will post future questions on the majordomo list, there will be an
immediate forward to all members instead of a delay waiting for me to open
my e-mail and forward it.

Welcome aboard. I didn't know there was a Whichta, Kansas! (I hope I
understood your comment correctly or was it a typo?) If you have a boat name
or sail/hull number and where you usually sail, I will add that to your
skipper entry.

Welcome aboard. There is a little information on spinnakers in the SJ23
message board archive but I am sure the members will get some information to
you .

Chuck Vande Wetering
SJ23 Internet Fleet Webmaster

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(Notice Board User)  kevin kauzlarich
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(from)  Whichta , KS   (yes that's right)
(Date)  Aug,12 1998
(Please post the following)
I need some direction as to the hardware and proper setup of
equipment needed to fly a spinnaker.  I suppose fairly generic
questions, however I'm fairly new to sailing ........ but I due
have an SJ23 so this seemed the appropriate place to ask....

I've got the spinnaker, pole and a lot of blocks, but not sure
how to configure them ........

any help would be greatly appreciated ........


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