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Welcome to SJ23 Associates and Question of Bow Pulpits for SJ 23


I have registered you and you as an Associate skipper on our SJ 23 Internet
Fleet webpage and I have subscribed for you to our majordomo mail list which
is an automatic turnaround list. If you want to give me length of your boat,
year, sail/hull #, name I will add these to your listing.

If you will click on the History link on the webpage you will find the
addresses (west coast and east coast of two firms authorized to supply SJ 23
parts, etc. But I don't know about bow pulpits. They may know who
manufactured the originals and it may be more than one firm if they are like
other manufacturers. I know Catalina had several suppliers when I tried to
purchase a replacement for one on my Catalina 36. I saved money my having it
fabricated here on San Juan Island by a local.

Chuck Vande Wetering
SJ 23 Internet Fleet Webmaster

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(Notice Board User)  Dewey Darden
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Met a guy that owns a San Juan 23 and he is in need of a bow pulpit.
Anyone know where he can find one?

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