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(Notice Board User)  Bill Blask
(Owner)  San Juan 23
(from)  Blythewood, SC
(Date)  8/18/98
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Jalapeno is a 1977 San Juan 23 with two previous owners.  I sail on Lake
Murray in SC, and am a member of Windward Point Yacht Club. Our club is an
eclectic mix of day sailers and 35 - 45 foot heavy displacement yachts.  My
23 is as solid as a rock, and the most spacious and comfortable boat below
for its size I have seen.  For three years I lived aboard during the week
while driving home 2 hours every weekend.  I felt cozy and secure.  Still,
thank goodness for the shower and facilities at the club and the gym at
work!  If anyone knows of replacement windows that open, and methods of
adding directional stability to this otherwise fine boat, please contact me.

Best regards

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